Word on the BLOCK: 30th May 2020

Hello everybody and welcome to the latest Blocknet newsletter! This newsletter is released twice per month to keep the community up-to-date on what is happening with Blocknet. You can view all previous newsletters here.

  • Blocknet Comet 4.2 has been released. This upgrade will result in a hard fork on June 8th at 6pm UTC +0. Updating prior to this date is required to stay on the correct chain. You can read the full details and download the update here.
  • Ethereum Classic with archival data is live on Blocknet’s network. Testing is underway on Enterprise XRouter (EXR) and XCloud plugins!
  • Development on XBridge partial orders is in progress.
  • A new dev build of Block DX featuring a combined price chart and depth chart panel is ready for community testing. These panels are being combined to create a wider area for the chart in preparation for integration of an optional TradingView chart. You can find this dev build as well as other testing here.
  • Blocknet was covered again on the Noah Seidman YouTube channel. The topic covered waswhy BLOCK can offer numerous recurring revenue streams. Check it out here.
  • Blocknet was covered on the Crypto Mug Investors Podcast with regards to UTXO v Smart contracts. Watch here.
  • @Lucien has published another update to the XRouter Service Explorer with various changes including node count support directly in the search bar, an EXR filter on the Nodes page, update look of the Try it out tab when viewing a service, error handling for services not integrated into the explorer yet, and temporarily removed login and comments section. A full list of updates can be seen here.
  • French and German translations for the Block DX website are complete thanks to Jeff Bouchard and @Adalwin respectively. These additional languages are expected to be published next week. If you would like to contribute to translating, please see instructions here. For reference with how the translations should be done you can see the original English content file and compare to the translated French content file.
  • @Butters has created a calculator for estimating Service Node revenue potential. This is new and in development so if you would like to help test or find any bugs you can contact him on Discord @Butters or Telegram @WagerrX.
  • CloudChains, Inc is now offering push-button Service Node deployments with connected chains (BTC, LTC, DASH, DGB, DOGE, PIVX, POLIS, RVN, SYS and more) via the Blocknet protocol and XRouter, enabling payment for microservices. You can use these services using the following calls over XRouter:
  1. deployservicenodeALL– Deploys a Service Node with all supported assets.
  2. deployservicenodeALL24Hours-Deploys a Service Node with all supported assets for 24 hours.
  3. deployservicenodeALLXR-Deploys a Service Node with all supported assets with XRouter enabled and custom plugins.
  4. deployservicenodeBLOCKLTC-Deploys a Service Node with BLOCK/LTC. 

XRouter plugins are also offered:

  1. getbalance -Return the balance of any supported asset.
  2. getblock-Return block of any supported asset
  3. getheights-Return heights for all supported assets
  4. getutxos – Return list of UTXOs for a given address

More details on these services such as XRouter config requirements and fees can be viewed on the Service Explorer.

  • The results of Superblock 1468800 can be seen below. To understand how a proposal passes, check out the passing criteria.
  1. ARBIT-Market-Making-1468800–3450 BLOCK, Y:51 | N:3 | A:3, Passed
  2. atc-1468800-infra — 800 BLOCK, Y:61 | N:0 | A:0, Passed
  3. atc-sb1468800-eth-oracle — 3010 BLOCK, Y:55 | N:2 | A:0, Passed
  4. blockdx-dev-1468800–3000 BLOCK, Y:52 | N:5 | A:0, Passed
  5. Blocknet_Website_Relaunch_Proposal — 3000 BLOCK, Y:52 | N:4 | A:2, Passed
  6. buildserver-cost-jun — 575 BLOCK, Y:61 | N:0 | A:0, Passed
  7. corgi-june — 750 BLOCK, Y:55 | N:0 | A:2, Passed
  8. fazer-dxmbot-007–650 BLOCK, Y:51 | N:0 | A:2, Passed
  9. infinity7592–1468800–385 BLOCK, Y:58 | N:0 | A:0, Passed
  10. michael-dev-jun — 11500 BLOCK, Y:64 | N:0 | A:0, Passed
  11. operations-team-1468800–11810 BLOCK, Y:59 | N:0 | A:2, Passed
  12. proj-costs-1468800–530 BLOCK, Y:57 | N:0 | A:0, Passe
  13. SocialPhilip_JUN20–500 BLOCK, Y:58 | N:0 | A:0, Passed

Many thanks for reading. We hope that you are as excited as us with what the future holds for Blocknet. A decentralization project fundamentally requires an engaged community, and so if you would like to help with anything, have something to add, use your professional skills or have a problem, we want to know about it.

Please also be aware that a community project is run by a diverse group of people with varying time-constraints (in a number of time-zones) and personal lives, so remember to be kind and patient!

If you want to be the first see these updates, you can receive the newsletters directly to your email by subscribing here. Our next update is due on June 15th. Until then we look forward to hearing from you!


The Blocknet Team.

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