Word on the BLOCK: 15th July 2020

Hello everybody and welcome to the latest Blocknet newsletter! This newsletter is released twice per month to keep the community up-to-date on what is happening with Blocknet. You can view all previous newsletters here.

  • We are excited to share the first preview of the Blocknet Lite Multiwallet. As well as the image above, you can also check out the Figma prototype link here. @shorn has completed the UI design stage. Assets have now been passed to the development team to begin implementation.
  • The next Comet release is being wrapped up, which will include a variety of new XBridge calls to support partial orders, splitting inputs, and retrieving a list of UTXOs. A preview of the new calls can be viewed on the API doc staging site.
  • Comet 4.3 will include XBridge integrations for Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), DeVault (DVT), and eXperience Points (XP) as well. That means these will also be available for trading in Block DX 1.8.0 as well. Help spread the word by reaching out to these communities and letting them know!
  • Block DX 1.8.0 is also being wrapped up and will include a combined price chart and depth chart panel to pave the way for TradingView integration, improved auto setup support for litewallet testing, a custom 500 disconnect error, and a number of additional bug fixes. If you would like to help with testing these features along with other updates, visit the #community-testing channel in Discord and view the pinned message or view the testing gist.
  • Noah Seidman once again featured Blocknet on his YouTube channel. Check it out here.
  • @fazer has updated dxmakerbot with sellstartmin and sellendmin configurations to support the upcoming partial orders option on Block DX. These two new configuration options allow the bot to create order sizes dynamically by available balance. They’re also required to work with the takerbot feature which checks if dxmakerbot has open orders already to accept them. Everything is done automatically by dxmakerbot. Additionally, configuration examples with comments have also been added to make dxmakerbot more user friendly. If you have any feedback, contact @fazer on Discord. View additional details in the testing gist. Thanks @tryou for your help with testing!
  • @littleeagle has fixed the market trades and trade history pages on blockdx.co as well as setup an auto-restart mechanism for the Blocknet demon if it fails. You can now monitor orders and trades there as well as blockdx.com.
  • The proposals for Superblock 1555200 will be added here. Please check the link in the coming days.
  • A guide to submitting and voting on proposals can be found here.
  • For Service Node notifications such as critical updates or voting reminders, join this mailing list (separate from the Word on the BLOCK newsletter email list).
  • BLOCK is now available to trade on Finexbox which supports US traders, has no KYC and no withdrawal limits. Click here to check it out.

Many thanks for reading. We hope that you are as excited as us with what the future holds for Blocknet. A decentralization project fundamentally requires an engaged community, and so if you would like to help with anything, have something to add, use your professional skills or have a problem, we want to know about it.

Please also be aware that a community project is run by a diverse group of people with varying time-constraints (in a number of time-zones) and personal lives, so remember to be kind and patient!

If you want to be the first to see these updates, you can receive the newsletters directly to your email by subscribing here. Our next update is due on July 30th. Until then we look forward to hearing from you!


The Blocknet Team.

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