Word on the BLOCK: 15th July 2019

Hello everybody and welcome to the latest Blocknet newsletter! This newsletter is released twice per month to keep the community up-to-date on what is happening with Blocknet. You can view all previous newsletters here.

  • Block DX version 1.2.0 is now available! This release includes informative tooltips to help guide users, right-click order taking to quickly take orders, the ability to reload the connected wallets and balances, as well as various user experience improvements and bug fixes. Read the full details and download here.
  • Monero and Omni Layer XCloud plugins are now supported on mainnet! For more information on how to use the calls, see here for Monero and here for Omni Layer. All data retrieval API’s are available. If you would like any other calls, reach out on Discord.
  • A TrollBox XCloud Plugin is available for use. Use “xrService TrollBox” to view the current messages or “xrService TrollBoxMsg [alias] [‘message’]” to write a message via console or CLI. Who’s going to be the first to create a TrollBox UI powered by the Blocknet Protocol?
  • The list of XBridge (and Block DX) compatible assets and wallet versions has been updated to include the latest wallet releases, as well as a few new assets including ATBCoin, BitMoney, GambleCoin, GeekCash, Helium, Nyerium, and Rapture. You can view the list here.
  • You can view a list of XRouter and XCloud services on blockdx.co or via our forum here.
  • API documentation for XRouter and XCloud can be found here.
  • Web endpoints have been added to the API docs for the XBridge 24hr trade summary, trade history, asset list, and asset availability. There is also a call to view a list of XRouter services. View usage here.
  • Arlyn recently chatted to Jason Choi of the Blockcrunch Podcast. Check out this fresh deep dive and find out how Blocknet solves blockchain interoperability, the differences between Blocknet, Cosmos & Polkadot, why Blocknet takes a Layer 2 approach, how Blocknet connects Bitcoin and Ethereum, and much more. Listen to the Podcast here, on Spotify here or Itunes here.
  • A new article examining XRouter and Ethereum is currently in the review stage.
  • For Superblock 993600 there was a total of 479 Service Nodes, requiring a net of at least 48 votes for a proposal to pass. The results are as follows:
  1. aws-june — passed: 480 BLOCK 141–0, Net 141
  2. Hanniabu-993600 — passed: 5000 BLOCK 182–0, Net 182
  3. sb993600_atc_infa — passed: 800 BLOCK 171–0, Net 171
  4. infinity7592-jul19 — passed: 385 BLOCK 136–1, Net 135
  5. michael-dev-jul — passed: 7300 BLOCK 211–0, Net 211
  6. thevoice-993600 — passed: 1250 BLOCK 178–0, Net 178
  7. marketingfund-993600 — passed: 5000 BLOCK 178–0, Net 178
  8. buildserver-cost-jul — passed: 350 BLOCK 181–0, Net 181
  9. uat-993600 — passed: 11820 BLOCK 181–0, Net 181
  10. blockdx-jsdev-jul — passed: 2300 BLOCK 157–0, Net 157
  11. social_philip_july — passed: 750 BLOCK 140–0, Net 140
  12. storage-993600 — passed: 995 BLOCK 131–0, Net 131
  13. equipment-993600 — passed: 1070 BLOCK 138–0, Net 138
  14. bizdev-993600 — passed: 2500 BLOCK 145–0, Net 145
  • The in-progress (and previous) proposals can be viewed on block-node.info, on blockdx.co or within the Proposals screen of the wallet.
  • Please note, proposals are being submitted to the forum individually so please make sure you scroll down and take your time to look over each proposal.
  • A guide to submitting and voting on proposals can be found here.
  • For Service Node notifications such as critical updates or voting reminders, join this mailing list. (Separate to the Word on the BLOCK newsletter email list).
  • Blocknet Service Node stats can be viewed on Master Nodes Pro, on Masternodes Directory, and on Block Core.

Many thanks for reading. We hope that you are as excited as us with what the future holds for Blocknet. A decentralization project fundamentally requires an engaged community, and so if you would like to help with anything, have something to add, use your professional skills or have a problem, we want to know about it.

Please also be aware that a community project is run by a diverse group of people with varying time-constraints (in a number of time-zones) and personal lives, so remember to be kind and patient!

If you want to be the first see these updates, you can receive the newsletters directly to your email by subscribing here. Our next update is due on July 30th. Until then we look forward to hearing from you!


The Blocknet Team.

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