Word on the BLOCK: 15th August 2019

Hello everybody and welcome to the latest Blocknet newsletter! This newsletter is released twice per month to keep the community up-to-date on what is happening with Blocknet. You can view all previous newsletters here.

  • Block DX 1.3.0 and wallet 3.13.2 have been released! This Blocknet wallet release contains additional XBridge support, efficiency improvements and more. This Block DX release includes user experience improvements and various bug fixes. Be sure to update ASAP. You can read the full details and download the updates here.
  • The next iteration of Block DX will include the ability to filter orders to view only buy orders or only sell orders. If you would like to help with testing this feature along other updates, visit the #blockdx-testing channel in Discord.
  • Blocknet has joined a consortium of PoS developers in vetting out proper solutions for a staking protocol upgrade. There is currently an implementation undergoing testing. When this update is released it will require a protocol upgrade (i.e. hard fork).
  • An XCloud-powered API sandbox Discord channel has been created! Head over to #api-sandbox to test out XRouter and XCloud API commands without needing the Blocknet client installed. Begin by typing “!help”.
  • A new article has been published on Coin Telegraph. “XRouter: the biggest advancement since Ethereum” explains why XRouter will change and advance the whole blockchain ecosystem.
  • Arlyn will be speaking and giving a presentation at EthBerlin from 23rd — 25th August. In addition he will also be chairing a panel debate on the interchain. The panel will feature founders from Cosmos, Polkadot, POA, and of course the Blocknet. This is an opportunity to (a) build relationships with key people, (b) aim to build a common understanding of the interchain that avoids centralization around one blockchain, and © to cement the Blocknet’s standing alongside these big “interoperability” projects.
  • Investnoir has published an interview with Arlyn Culwick! Listen to this fascinating conversation on interoperability, blocknet, Block DX and much more! Listen here.
  • Business development is continuing. Meetings have already taken place facilitated by @Mastermind with various parties including those from the banking sector and consulting sector. These meetings must remain confidential for now. Pitch decks are also being created and refined to assist in these meetings.
  • The recently created community #blocknet-crew channel on Discord is going from strength to strength. This is decentralization in action! Community member Crypto Corgi has created 3 new Twitter accounts to help promote the different facets of the Blocknet Protocol. There is a Block DX account, an XRouter account and an XCloud account. Make sure to follow, like and retweet to let the world now about Blocknet!
  • TheVoice has created a 50 second video showing Block DX in action. A great one to retweet!
  • Do you want to help this effort? The Blocknet Crew channel is a private channel for invited members who have exhibited interest in positively engaging with outside communities on any social media. Blocknet Crew members are community members who are willing to step out and be involved, speaking from the point of view on the benefits of Blocknet and its various protocols. Anyone interested in working together to promote Blocknet in outside social media forms is welcome to speak to @TheVoice and find what the expectations of being a member are.
  • For Superblock 1036800 there was a total of 382 Service Nodes, requiring a net of at least 39 votes for a proposal to pass. The results are as follows:
  1. buildserver-cost-aug — passed: 350 BLOCK 141–0, Net 141
  2. marketing-1036800 — passed: 3545 BLOCK 98–0, Net 98
  3. atc-sb1036800-infra — passed: 800 BLOCK 119–0, Net 119
  4. blockdx-jsdev-aug — passed: 2300 BLOCK 135–0, Net 135
  5. aws-july — passed: 510 BLOCK 136–0, Net 136
  6. TheVoice-1036800 — passed: 1250 BLOCK 136–0, Net 136
  7. infinity7592-aug19 — passed: 385 BLOCK 135–0, Net 135
  8. hanniabu-1036800 — passed: 5100 BLOCK 137–0, Net 137
  9. equipment-1036800 — passed: 1450 BLOCK 136–0, Net 136
  10. uat-1036800 — passed: 12970 BLOCK 137–0, Net 137
  11. bizdev-1036800 — passed: 2500 BLOCK 137–0, Net 137
  12. Social_Philip_Aug — passed: 840 BLOCK 137–0, Net 137
  13. michael-dev-aug — passed: 8000 BLOCK 142–0, Net 142
  • The in-progress (and previous) proposals can be viewed on block-node.info, on blockdx.co or within the Proposals screen of the wallet.
  • Please note, proposals are being submitted to the forum individually so please make sure you scroll down and take your time to look over each proposal.
  • A guide to submitting and voting on proposals can be found here.
  • For Service Node notifications such as critical updates or voting reminders, join this mailing list. (Separate to the Word on the BLOCK newsletter email list).
  • Blocknet Service Node stats can be viewed on Master Nodes Pro, on Masternodes Directory, and on Block Core.

Many thanks for reading. We hope that you are as excited as us with what the future holds for Blocknet. A decentralization project fundamentally requires an engaged community, and so if you would like to help with anything, have something to add, use your professional skills or have a problem, we want to know about it.

Please also be aware that a community project is run by a diverse group of people with varying time-constraints (in a number of time-zones) and personal lives, so remember to be kind and patient!

If you want to be the first see these updates, you can receive the newsletters directly to your email by subscribing here. Our next update is due on August 30th. Until then we look forward to hearing from you!

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