Community Superblock: 1468800 Please vote!

It’s time to vote for the latest proposals!

Please note: Voting has changed with the release of Blocknet Comet. Please view the updated requirements regarding voting here.

There is a great responsibility for the community to vote either “yes,” or “no,” on the proposals. It cannot be emphasised enough how much the proposal authors and the Blocknet team relies on the community to vote on project proposals to ensure continued funding for development of the Blocknet.

The proposals for superblock 1468800 can be viewed below or on the forumhere . Please note, proposals are being submitted individually so please make sure you scroll down and take your time to look over each proposal. For any late proposals please check the forum above.

In the latest wallet voting is now much easier. Navigate to the proposal area:

Open the wallet and in the side menu, go to Proposals. The wallet needs to be unlocked to cast votes. The Proposals screen shows all the proposals submitted to the network. Above the list of proposals there is an option to filter by Upcoming, which displays the proposals that can currently be voted on. Select this filter to view all proposals currently open for voting.

Review the proposals and the amount requested. It’s a good idea to consider the total Superblock budget, the other proposals amounts requested, the priorities of the project, and if the proposal aligns with those priorities and greater vision of the project. The link for each proposal should lead to a description of what the proposal is for with some background information and objectives. The voting system will automatically calculate how many votes you have available according to your balance (1 vote per 5000 BLOCK) and cast your full vote weight when voting (5562 BLOCK balance = 1 vote, 49635 BLOCK balance = 9 votes.

When ready to vote on a proposal, select the Vote button. A popup will appear that will be used to vote from. Select whether you’d like to approve the proposal (Yes) or vote against the proposal (No). After you have selected how you wish to vote, select the Vote button. This registers your vote to the network after the vote transaction has 1 confirmation (about 1 minute). Once you have voted you can change your vote by selecting the Change Vote button and selecting you new vote.

Voting Complete!

  1. Repeat this process for every proposal you are voting for.
  2. Your vote is not counted until the voting transaction fee has 1 confirmation (typically 1 minute), after which your votes will be accounted for.
  3. If you spend any of your 5000 BLOCK inputs after you vote, the vote is marked invalid and you will need to cast your vote(s) again.
  4. If you are staking, your vote will automatically re-cast.

The latest Superblock details are below in alphabetical order:

Superblock 1468800

Proposal Name: ARBIT-Market-Making-1468800 Owner: Arbit

Cost: 3450 BLOCK

Proposal: ARBIT Market Making

Previous Work:

ARBIT Corporation is a Canadian market maker in business since 2015 that has provided $220 Million of trading volume across 9 ALTCOINS to date. We have been providing services to the BLOCKNET community since 2016. We became an early investor in BLOCKNET and have a vested interest in the success and usage of BLOCKNET. We are most excited about the potential of BLOCKDX and are eager to increase liquidity and trade volume on the major cryptocurrency tokens on the BLOCKDX platform.

  1. January 2020 our total trade volume was $21,497 USD equivalent. (Using 2020–02–01 spot prices)
  2. February 2020 our total trade volume was $32,659 USD equivalent. (Using 2020–03–17 spot prices)
  3. March 2020 our total trade volume was $83,115 USD equivalent. (Using 2020–04–14 spot prices)
  4. April 2020 our total trade volume was $104,334.23 USD equivalent. (Using 2020–05–13 spot prices)


To provide robotic API 24/7 market making services with human supervision and up to $100,000 of our own capital consisting of BLOCKNET, BTC, LTC, DASH, DGB and USDT. Our goal is to increase liquidity and trading volume of BLOCKNET across both Centralized Exchanges and BLOCKDX totalling 9 order books:

Continue Market Making on:

  1. Bittrex BTC-BLOCK ( )
  2. Digifinex BLOCK/BTC (
  3. BlockDX LTC/BLOCK
  4. BlockDX BLOCK/BTC
  5. BlockDX LTC/BTC
  7. BlockDX DASH/LTC
  8. BlockDX DGB/BLOCK

Capital Requirements :
ARBIT will devote a minimum of $20,000 of capital to keep orders up 24/7 across all order books above. The BLOCK cost we are asking for above would cover both human resources to monitor market making as well as any losses incurred to maintain reasonable spreads of 5% or less.

Deliverable for Reporting Period : 2020–04–13 18:36:34 through 2020–05–12 12:31:02

1. Trade volume by trading pair (base and quote currency)


BLOCK/BTC: 5564.83687
BLOCK/DGB: 0.00000
DASH/BLOCK: 0.50000
DASH/LTC: 0.00000
LTC/BLOCK: 764.86549
LTC/BTC: 0.00000

BLOCK/BTC: 0.70591385
BLOCK/DGB: 0.00000000
DASH/BLOCK: 35.46143300
DASH/LTC: 0.00000000
LTC/BLOCK: 33298.99891351
LTC/BTC: 0.00000000

Bittrex and Digifinex :

BLOCK/BTC: 43333.019
BLOCK/USDT: 3651.500

BLOCK/BTC: 5.5672152
BLOCK/USDT: 3907.5876848

2. Trade counts by trading pair



Bittrex and Digifinex:


3. Total trade counts by exchange (currently: blockdx, bittrex, digifinex)

blockdx: 243
bittrex: 255
digifinex: 148

4. Error counts on BlockDX


BLOCKNET address for deposit :


— — — — 

Proposal Name: atc-1468800-infra Owner: atcsecure

Cost: 800 BLOCK

Proposal: Infrastructure

Previous Work: BlockDX auto config backend, Forum, Gitian build system, website, s3 costs, etc

Overview: Covers all costs for backend infrastructure supporting blocknet, and blockdx

— — — — 

Proposal Name: atc-sb1468800-eth-oracle Owner: atcsecure

Cost: 3010 BLOCK

Proposal: Decentralized Eth Oracle platform

Previous Work: n/a

Overview: Design and Develop initial POC smart contract for creating a decentralized oracle platform atop servicenodes

— — — — 

Proposal Name: blockdx-dev-1468800 Owner: 86b 

Cost: 3000 BLOCK

Proposal: Block DX Development

Overview :
Block DX requires continued javascript development, maintenance, and bug fixing. This work is being completed by a js developer that has been working with the team on Block DX since January 2018.

Tasks :

  • Combined price/depth chart (create a larger tabbed panel in preparation for TradingView)
  • Refund in progress notification
  • Unconnected wallet support (browse without any setup)
  • Revised auto litewallet setup
  • Partial order tasks
  • Research TradingView integration
  • Various bug fixing and other DX UI-related tasks as needed

— — — — 

Proposal Name: Blocknet_Website_Relaunch_Proposal Owner: Shorn Keld

Cost: 3000 BLOCK

Proposal: Website Development and Relaunch

Previous work:

As this is my first proposal for Blocknet I have included some links to some relevant work on previous projects below.

I built the BitBay website at 2, and also worked on the design and coding of the web marketplace at https:///

I also proposed and designed a new format for the blocknet email newsletter which, since being implemented, has seen the email ‘open rate’ increase by ~50%: 2

Some previous digital marketing work: 2


This proposal is for the relaunch of the website with a stronger focus on marketing and usability. By improving the user-flow, site navigation and content structure I aim to increase user-retention, lower the visitor ‘bounce rate’, increase the visitor engagement and improve the SEO content.

How I will be approaching this relaunch:

  1. Research and Analysis — already ongoing
  2. Wire-frame — desktop and mobile home page structure, 1 inner content page and site navigation — (see link below)
  3. Create new sitemap — (see link below)
  4. Community feedback
  5. New Website Style guide
  6. One page Prototype (Home)
  7. Community feedback
  8. Prototype HTML build
  9. Animations and Videos — re-use existing assets where possible (if more videos/graphics are required then a further proposal may be submitted)
  10. Device testing
  11. Apply new styles to the prototype
  12. Device testing
  13. Community feedback
  14. Optimisations
  15. Export static code to host on GitHub pages
  16. Any other tasks as needed (Mailchimp, Google Analytics or Open Web Analytics plus any other integrations)

The list above is meant as an overview and as such is not exhaustive. There may be other sub-tasks to undertake as part of the relaunch process. The scope of this proposal does not include any content writing or translation work.

Cost Assessment:

Calculations for superblock payment: approx 30 block / hour based on current rate.

Total hours required for the project: 200 to be split 100 per superblock period.

Total for this superblock period: 3000 Block (100 hours)

(I am available on discord to answer any questions about this proposal — @shorn#3406 )

— — — — 

Proposal Name: buildserver-cost-jun Owner: michael

Cost: 575 BLOCK

Proposal: Build Server

This CI/CD build and test server is responsible for auto-generating all of the dev builds for Linux, Mac, Windows and is important for QA testing as well as for validating Blocknet’s code on github. It also allows the community to beta test our upcoming releases.

Builds can be reviewed here: (new wallet, Blocknet Comet v4)

— — — — 

Proposal Name: corgi-june Owner: Crypto Corgi

Cost: 750 BLOCK

Proposal: Crypto Corgi Twitter


  • Generate, edit, publish and share engaging content daily to @The_Blocknet and @BlockDXExchange twitter accounts.
  • Communicate with followers, respond to queries in a timely manner and monitor user feedback.
  • Oversee the twitter brand/image and implement social media strategy to align with project objectives
  • Stay up-to-date with crypto twitter, news, technology and trends
  • Collaborate with the team

Previous Work:

  • Growing the @BlockDXExchange from 0 to 4,600+ followers in under 1 year
  • Proven ability to generate both engaging and educational content, including viral tweets and engagements with social media influencers

— — — — 

Proposal Name: fazer-dxmbot-007 Owner: Fazer 

Cost: 650 BLOCK

Proposal: DX Bot

Previous Work:

  • fazer-dxmbot-001
     — discussion and development dxmakerbot 001 has been already done.
     — dxmakerbot 001 can be found at
  • fazer-dxmbot-002
     — working on slow development of upcoming features
     — doing support for ppl who are interested in dxmakerbot
     — div by zero bug fix
  • fazer-dxmbot-003
     — working on slow development of upcoming features
     — added add more validations and help messages
     — fix dxmakerbot exeption caused by balance-get in case when wallet disconnected
     — doing support for ppl who are interested in dxmakerbot
     — merging changes for upcoming dxmakerbot_v3
     — you can find latest version here:
     — you can find latest beta version here:
     — dev add reopenfinishednum and reopenfinisheddelay config feature
     — dev add trading boundary config features boundary_*
     — dev upt delayinternal default value from 9 to 3 to increase timers accuracy
  • fazer-dxmbot-004 and fazer-dxmbot-005
     — research, development, testing, bugfixing, support, code refactoring, repeat
     — updated reopenfinished to reopenfinisheddelay and reopenfinishednum — finished orders will be reopened after specific number of filled orders or in specific timeout
     — added static/relative and asset-relative trading price boundaries
     — as easiest explanation, boundary features are very useful when you wanna from dxmakerbot to stop working when price of configured asset goes out of boundary (maximum minimum). Like to prevent selling BLOCK under specific or relative price.
     — all new stuff already in community testing pre-beta, details in commit
  • fazer-dxmbot-006
     — research, development, testing, bugfixing, support, code refactoring, repeat, 24/7 bot running and analysis, block dx liquidity support
     — working on dynamic spread(slide) feature fix and update. New params — slidedyntype ‘relative’/‘static’ and — slidedynzero for asymetric dynamic spread(slide) balance. Dynamic slide is functionality which can dynamically update slide when market center price still have no action but one side selling/buying already started. As bot detect unbalanced sells/buys it automatically move order price with dynamic slide as is it configured from +0 dynamic slide up to +max dynamic slide at specified amount.
     — updated internal balance measurement as total, reserved=locked by orders, available=left.

All next followed features list will be prioritized on the fly by research and development of dxmakerbot.
Updates of this “rolling up” proposal are market as (


  • rolling up dxmakerbot research & development & testing & bugfixing & readme update & examples & info-graphics & support & repeat
  • there will be probably two dxmakerbots and to stay with compatibility, than code can be merged into official blocknet git repository
     — (2019.12) updated readme for both versions v1 as and v2 as merged at
  • add save and restore orders from file
  • save orders to db before exit, dxmakerbot session will be able to cancel only session specified orders on reconfig/exit/crash
  • add more dxmakerbot events(exit bot events, reset order events, reopen order events)
     — add trading boundaries, relative by % dxmakerbot session
     — (2020.02) added to alfa
     — add trading boundaries, by static value
     — (2020.02) added to alfa
     — add exit bot at events and cancel/notcancel orders on exit…
     — (2020.02) added to alfa as part of config of trading boundaries exit/noexit, cancel/notcancel orders
     — add — reopenafterfinishdelay, reopen finished orders after delay of last filled order
     — (2020.01 003) added to alfa
     — add — reopenafterfinishnum reopen finished orders after specific number of orders finished
     — (2020.01 003) added to alfa
     — (2020.04) all above in pre-beta and manual testing
  • update configuration verification
     — (2020.01) added add more validations and help messages
  • analyze update_balances_unspent() and update_balances_left() possibility
  • update dxmakerbot and XBridge API to handle UTXOs:
     — update XBridge API to work with UTXOs than update dxmakerbot to be more effective to uses whole UTXO with coop of “–sellstart” and “–sellend”
     — We are not sure about if exactly this API calls need, or something like that API calls, this needs more discussion in before proposal:
     First needed XBridge API update is, to dxMakeOrder() be able to create order only from funds specified by dxMakeOrder(…makeraddress…) or THE BEST solution to use funds only from specified UTXO txid like this API call: dxMakeOrder(…makeraddress… txidlist[‘txid1’,‘txid2’]). For this case also new XBridge API call is needed to get ‘listunspent’ from specified coin. This call can be added for example as dxGetTokenBalancesUnspentList(maker, makeraddress) or only maker parameter. Because if dxmakerbot wanna use specific UTXO from XXX-COIN wallet to create order it needs to know UTXOs first. By this API can dxmakerbot be updated to be more specific and also effective by using always whole UTXO values. Also there are more reasons, that you can read in draft of planned proposal below.
     As long as you want to run multiple makerbots with same maker and you wanna save hardware resource by running only one full-wallet from pair, coin addresses needs to be specified separated by makerbot-instance.
  • add configuration argument — strategy {{},{}}
     — dxmakerbot argument “–strategy” is json-style formated argument specifying sequence of orders.
     — This configuration way strategy can be specified like this:

–strategy {{pump and dump orders place first}, { than push some normal orders}, {at the end strategy with some small orders}}

 “selltype”: <float number between -1 and 1. -1 means maximum exponential to 0 means normal to 1 means maxium logarithmic>
 “slidetype”: <float number between -1 and 1. -1 means maximum exponential to 0 means normal to 1 means maxium logarithmic>
 “reopenfinished”: <True/False, reopen finished orders or must wait for any reset event>
 “slide_dyn_enable”: <True/False, include dynamic slide or not, very useful when not applied on pump orders>
 example of config arg — strategy{{“name”:‘normal’, “sellstart”:3, “sellend”:5, “selltype”:-0.5, “slidestart”:1.02, “slideend”:1.25, “slidetype”:0.6, “maxopen”:10, “reopenfinished”:True, “slide_dyn_enable”:True}, {“name”:‘pump’, “sellstart”:20, “sellend”:50, “selltype”:-0.2, “slidestart”:1.3, “slideend”:10, “slidetype”:0, “maxopen”:10, “reopenfinished”:False, “slide_dyn_enable”:False}}

  • add configuration file per dxmakerbot instance by — cfg argument
     — Configuration file per bot is more useful
     — configuration files can have private permissions vs. running process arguments are by OS public
     — example of config file representing strategy argument

 [[push some normal orders]]
 sellstart = 10 # first order in sequence with amount
 sellend = 1 # last order in sequence with amount
 sellstartlimit = 10 # first made order in sequence can accept this amount
 sellendlimit = 1 # last made order in sequence can accept this amount
 selltype = 0 # orders amounts are evenly rising

slidestart = 1.10 # first order placed at 1.1 times more than actual price means +10%
 slideend”: 1.03 # last order placed at 1.03 times more than actual price means +3%
 slidetype”: 0 # orders prices are evenly rising

maxopen = 10 # including borders and range there will be placed this number of orders. <sell-start, sell-end> <slide-start, slide-end>

reopenfinished = false # <True/False, reopen finished orders or must wait for any reset event>
 slide_dyn_enable= false # <True/False, include dynamic slide or not, very useful when not applied on pump orders>
 [[push some big orders]]
 [[push some pump orders]]

by having parallel staggered orders sequences, it will fix discord discussed “PROBLEM (2)” and also increases parallel market liquidity
PROBLEM (2) Problem related to partial order filing. For example someone have 100 BLOCK for sale, and he creates orders at 33+33+33 or 25 25 50 or he do not think about and creates one order at 100. Problem is that most of time here are thousands of people who are interested in to take that order but are not able to accept it because individuals have funds to buy only 10 10 10 20 20 20 and nobody of them can accept one whole order

  • save and restore orders from file
     — In case of bot quit/crash to be able to restore
  • PUMP/DUMP auto management
  • autodetect and precompute possible next pump
  • dxtakerbot/dxmakerbot automatically selling all coins of wallet which is detected as going to dump…
  • feature is to automatically compute top price of next pump and cover it.
  • feature to opposite dxbot side to detect pump/dump to disable dxbot to not make a loss.
  • add log exp normal staggered mods
     — add logarithmic/exponential/normal staggered size of orders
     — add logarithmic/exponential/normal staggered price of orders
  • educational examples & info-graphics & video tutorials how to use dxmakerbot

Possible Next Work Expectations:
 — Purpose of this proposal is to continue with dxmakerbot research, development, testing, bugfixing, support, code refactoring to finish all above features

I believe that i gives you many reasons to vote up this proposal to continue dxmakerbot development and all stuff around.
Thanks for your time & MTFBWY
Hopefully see you later on upcoming dxmakerbot development.

— — — — 

Proposal Name: infinity7592_1468800 Owner: Infinity7592

Cost: 385 BLOCK

Proposal: Ledger

  • Can now communicate normally with the ledger with WebHID.
  • Currently adding code so that the website detects the platform and use the appropriate protocol.


Useful reminders:

  • This new communication protocol is still experimental. So I advise not to release anything until this thing is more mature.
  • The protocol will be available only for Chrome, because it is not a Web standard (W3C).

— — — — 

Proposal Name: michael-dev-jun Owner: michael

Cost: 11500 BLOCK

Proposal: Core Development

May recap
This month I helped release Comet 4.2, Block DX 1.7, and Enterprise XRouter Proxy v0.6.4 (first public release!). Comet 4.2 and Block DX 1.7 were released on May 8th and the EXR Proxy was released to the public on May 13th. I worked on XBridge order improvements, including adding more taker verification checks to XBridge. These checks include verifying that the taker is on a valid fork prior to committing to the trade. I also added the ShowAllOrders XBridge capability allowing Block DX users to see orders across the entire network without any wallets installed locally. Review May work here: 1. I also improved XRouter by adding improved support for the new EXR node type (Enterprise XRouter service node). EXR snodes are significantly faster at handling XRouter requests and we advise all service node operators to adopt this technology. Please see the EXR snode setup documentation here:

The C++ XRouter library is now part of the main blocknet repository:

May/June Development Overview
I have joined the XBridge partial orders development effort. This will allow users to make or take partial amounts in posted orders. I am also continuing development on the GoLang XRouter library. This library is leveraging the btcsuite/btcd golang library for Bitcoin that I am porting over to Blocknet. I’m continuing improvements on XBridge, including improving the order handling process. I will continue receiving guidance from the rest of the team on priorties, tasks, and bug fixes which ultimately determines where I focus my efforts.

Current tasks

  • XRouter C++/GoLang library
  • XBridge persistent storage
  • Enterprise XRouter Proxy (public release)
  • Bug fixes and optimizations

Other tasks

  • Maintenance and bug fixes on Blocknet products (XBridge, XRouter, XCloud, Block DX)

Upcoming XRouter tasks:

  • Blocknet Name Service (XRouter DNS)

— — — — 

Proposal Name: Operations-team-1468800 Owners: hanniabu, 86b, aderks, fattox 

Cost: 11810 BLOCK

Proposal: Operations

We (hanniabu, 86b, aderks, fattox) have decided to submit our proposals as a single group considering how much we rely on each other due to how closely we work together.

Previous Work :

We began contributing to Blocknet in 2017 and are the silent contributors that keep the project running smoothly by working on a range of items from administrative tasks, to documentation, to support and QA. Below is a summary list of items we have worked on in the past Superblock period.

Admin, project forecasting, & strategy

  • Main Website overhaul discussions and planning
  • maintenance
  • Core team strategic discussions
  • Review/finalize the newsletter
  • Submitted newsletter and release emails
  • Coordinate with potential partners to be named later
  • Exchange applications submitted
  • Ongoing reaching out to various sites featuring Blocknet content that needs updating
  • Maintain Blocknet email
  • Organize and send payments for articles
  • CFA voting and spending sheet updates
  • Review release posts and articles
  • Publish Blockfolio posts for new releases and news
  • Sharing and analyzing competitor research
  • Block DX task management
  • Release announcements

Documentation & site maintenance


  • Ongoing coin version updates and related coordination with other projects
  • Blockchain maintenance scripting
  • Test automation building ongoing
  • EOS dev discussions on bugs and features
  • EOS custom Docker images revamped to adjust for changes in future needs
  • XCloud API Documentation Portal updates (DM for more details)
  • Ongoing Docker updates
  • Creating new Docker images to fit automated testing and template needs
  • XRproxy staging and setup
  • XR-related domain setups
  • Test and dev environment overhauls and rebuilding for expansion ongoing
  • Open Orders construction
  • Translations
  • Support
  • All things v4.2 and Block DX support

Block DX QA:

  • v1.7.0 Release testing
  • Litewallet configuration testing ongoing
  • Price and Depth chart changes
  • ShowAllOrders feature testing and QA
  • Warning screens adjustment
  • Menu triggering live updates for orders

Blocknet Core QA:

  • New features:
  • Staking protocol upgrade monitoring and testing
  • -dxnowallets new feature testing
  • ShowAllOrders xbridge.conf entry testing
  • XR tls feature testing
  • Various EXR proxy features
  • XBridge logging improvements
  • XR C++ Library
  • Improved service node Taker checks


  • Mac staking crashes
  • Investigating and addressing various DX canceled trade issues
  • getblockstats crash fix
  • splitbalance algo fix
  • Servicenode tab details tweak


  • Added DX getblockcount checks
  • Improved XBridge logging
  • Block DX ongoing improvements
  • Blocknet wallet ongoing improvements
  • Redesign wallet UX improvement documenting ongoing
  • Block DX UX improvement documenting ongoing

Blocknet v4.2.0 sanity checks

XRproxy QA:

  • tls feature testing
  • DNS resolution testing
  • XR C++ Library QA
  • SPV Node
  • Various EXR proxy bugfix testing
  • XR snode connection fixes

Overview :

The following list are main items we plan to be working on in the following Superblock period. Keep in mind that some of these may not be completed this upcoming Superblock period, may be pushed back due to a change in priority, or may be ongoing long term items.

  • Continue the ongoing tasks mentioned in the “Admin, project forecasting, & strategy” above
  • Continue the ongoing tasks mentioned in the “Documentation & site maintenance” above
  • Ongoing setups, staging, and documentation for EXR Proxy for ETH and EOS nodes to continue discussions with interested parties
  • ongoing improvements
  • Setup snode groups behind a domain
  • Continued XBridge, XRouter, and XCloud testing and QA
  • Continued Block DX QA
  • Continued wallet release QA
  • Complete Block DX localization support
  • Organize discussions on roadmap refinement
  • Continue to work on the new content
  • Testing environments — Installation/config/maintenance/expansion of all relevant systems.
  • Auto configuration (wizard) updates testing and QA.
  • Other bug reporting, error tracking, and logging + any other relevant QA tasks with UAT/devs.
  • Partake in any BizDev/partnership discussions with potential partners.
  • Integration strategy — Including future platform investigation/testing within UAT (ETH, EOS and beyond).
  • Product analysis — Related to the areas both the above (external products) and below (our products). Discussions within the team on technical considerations.
  • Assisting in any efforts we make towards pushing awareness of Blocknet throughout the communities of our supported projects and partners, as well as towards fresh eyes, by working with new partners and influencers where advantageous. Co-marketing efforts may be taken up when deemed to be beneficial.
  • Collaborating on content creation for Blocknet’s Social Media, to aid in driving traffic to our site and community channels.
  • Collaborating on other developmental/marketing strategies and initiatives, with both the Strategy group and the team as a whole.
  • Collaborating on the creation and maintenance of documentation: EG Tutorials, resources, informative articles and other content, for both our community and a wider audience.
  • Collaboration and communication with current partners, delegates and other teams we work with.
  • Dealing with any necessary discussions and negotiations undertaken with any other potential partners and third-parties who would like to work with us. EG: Exchanges, dev teams and any other interested parties.
  • Communicating closely with content creators to arrange the creation of works (videos, podcasts, articles), focused on promoting Blocknet to the masses.
  • Coin Announcements lifecycle: from initial integration/QA to community/partner outreach and coordination of announcements/support. Creating ANN media.
  • Helping to support and promote the use of Block DX to communities that are integrated in to our protocol, both old and new. Using raffles, airdrops, tips (etc) as a way to enable people to try the DX using these small portions of BLOCK as trade-fees.
  • Support — Both within the community and also helping out partners who are interested in testing our products.
  • Improved Service Node operator communication
  • Service Node operator tools

Any questions or concerns, feel free to ping us at any time!

The amount requested for this Superblock is a retainer for hanniabu, 86b, aderks, and fattox to continue contributing to this project.

— — — — 

Proposal Name: proj-costs-1468800 Owner: 86b

Cost: 530 BLOCK

Overview :

This proposal is to cover our AWS, cloud services, and MailChimp project costs for this Superblock period. Services include:

  • S3 Data Transfer
  • S3 Storage
  • EC2 costs
  • Various AWS fees and utilities
  • VPS addnode support + testing servers
  • E-mail subscription services

— — — — 

Proposal Name: SocialPhilip_JUN20 Owner: Philip

Cost: 500 BLOCK

Previous, Recent and forthcoming tasks:

  • The first draft of the in-depth article comparison of XRouter with other similar Blockchain 3.0 projects is complete. Word count currently stands at 4112. A shorter press release version will be condensed from this article.
  • An accompanying graphic in a similar vain to the DX graphic (*T8KscI52HFjCSe52h6YRhg.png 1 1 ) is also being produced.
  • I published the regular newsletter and proposal summary updates and will continue to do so.

A selection of previous articles and press releases I have written:

It’s time to stop learning lessons the hard way: Leave centralized exchange hacks behind and enter a world of security and peace of mind with Block DX

XRouter — The Biggest Advancement Since Ethereum 1

Blocknet makes Sia Storage available on the Internet of Blockchains


The Evolution of the Decentralized Exchange: A Brief History

Exchange Hackings, Security and Freedom: Why Would Traditional Exchanges Embrace a Decentralized Exchange?


Introducing XRouter. Developers Can Now Mix And Match Any Blockchain Via The World’s First Blockchain Router

Block DX: Saving time, maintaining privacy


Overview :

  • Maintain and manage the social media profile of Blocknet on our main website blog pages, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, BTCTalk, Youtube, Medium and other platforms.
  • Ensure communications from the developers and marketing team can be transmitted in a clear and timely manner to the community.
  • Respond to the community.
  • Compile and write regular newsletter and proposal summary.
  • Contribute to various marketing materials and initiatives.
  • Write press releases and news updates.
  • Write and create articles for specific initiatives.
  • Manage, source, correspond and coordinate payments to news and media outlets.
  • Maintain various internal spreadsheets.
  • Participate in strategy discussions as part of the strategy group.

Cost Assessment:

A fixed amount of 500 BLOCK from the Superblock (Plus 10 BLOCK fee) @ $1.37 per BLOCK. I work between 1 hour and 5 hours on BLOCK items every day.

— — — — 

We have created a separate proposal notification email alert reminder that snode owners can sign up for here so they do not forget to vote.(This email is separate to the Word on the BLOCK newsletter email).


— — — — — — 

Download Blocknet

Wallet (4.3.1)
Block DX (1.8.0)

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