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These coins are ready for cross-chain dApps with the Blocknet Protocol and are tradable on the Block DX Decentralized Exchange.

NameTickerPriceChange TodayMarket CapCategoryDescriptionPlatformProofMobile Link
AeriumX AEX $0.0005 | 0.00000005 BTC +0% $0 PrivacyAeriumX is a community governance coin N/A Proof of Work
ALQO ALQO $0.0558 | 0.00000551 BTC +1.61% $3.6MAlqo is a 3rd Generation Crypto Currency which offers Instant Transactions. It is created as a Multipurpose Coin so that Alqo will be used as a connection tool in the so called "Alqo Planetary System".
Amsterdamcoin AMS $0.0006 | 0.00000006 BTC +0% $81,000 CurrencyOur goals is to make Amsterdamcoin commonly acceptable in the stores of Amsterdam.
APR Coin APR $0.0057 | 0.00000056 BTC +18.4% $51,989 FintechAPR Coin is a 100% community owned Masternode Currency with hyperinflation checks, low maximum supply, real world adoption as a currency and multiple use cases. Including a 100% free way of businesses to create loyalty points. N/A Proof of Stake
BANQ BANQ $0.0004 | 0.00000010 BTC +0% $0 CurrencyBANQ will give an ability to store, spend, exchange and later borrow practically any Cryptocurrency as any other currency, but in a quicker, cheaper and more secure way than it is possible now in any traditional bank.
BiFrost FROST $0.0035 | 0.00000099 BTC +0% $55,463 PaymentsProviding fast, secure technology to bridge the gap in cryptocurrency transactions. N/A Proof of Stake
Bitcoin BTC $10,132 | 1 BTC -0.57% $181.9B CurrencyA peer-to-peer electronic cash system. N/A Proof of Work
Bitcoin Green BITG $0.1779 | 0.00001756 BTC +3.78% $1.7M CurrencyBitcoin Green is a proof-of-stake, transactional currency designed to provide a scalable and sustainable alternative to Bitcoin.
Bitcore BTX $0.1708 | 0.00001687 BTC -28.83% $3M PaymentsThe goal for Bitcore is to become payment solution that is usable by everyone in the world. Therefore, making Bitcore easier to use in real life is an important goal for the Bitcore team and community, and the following roadmap moves Bitcore ever closer to this goal. N/A Proof of Work
Bitsend BSD $0.0099 | 0.00000098 BTC -4.56% $242,722 PaymentsUse Bitsend to make payments online or in-store using our secure open-source platform hosted by thousands of users around the world. N/A Proof of Work
BLAST BLAST $0.0017 | 0.00000017 BTC -2.41% $0 GamingBLAST is a pure PoW blockchain with a supply-constricting economic model, low fees & very fast transactions. Its focus is to provide support for software like the cryptoBLAST video game, utilizing SegWit transactions for data storage/player tracking. N/A Proof of Work
Blocknet BLOCK $1.01 | 0.00010000 BTC -5.16% $6.2M PlatformBlocknet give blockchains interoperability with atomic swaps on a truly decentralized dApp platform. Blocknet serves as a connector between blockchains, markets, and communities. N/A Proof of Stake
Bulwark BWK $0.0169 | 0.00000167 BTC +3.49% $0 PrivacyA privacy based masternode coin with an emphasis on open source software and hardware development. N/A Proof of Work/Stake
BitcoinZero BZX $0.0027 | 0.00000027 BTC -14.95% $58,089 PrivacyBitcoin Zero is the FIRST EVER TRIPLE fork between BTC, LTC and HXX, combining all the good attributes of the three major cryptocurrencies, aiming to reduce or nullify the existing privacy issues that Bitcoin usage now has; using Dark Gravity Wave for safer and faster mining, ZeroCoin Protocol patched and enabled - NO exploits. N/A
Carebit CARE $0.0001 | 0.00000001 BTC -50.33% $14,293 SocialCarebit is an independent charity on blockchain, aiming to change lives of those in need. Our new Whitepaper is only days away that will explain everything about Carebit and how we plan to work. N/A Proof of Stake
Civitas CIV $0.0103 | 0.00000101 BTC +2.85% $72,402 PrivacyCivitas comes from the ancient Roman concept that community is not just the collective body of citizens, it is the contract that binds them all. The “together we are stronger” philosophy is the guiding force behind the Civitas coin. N/A Proof of Stake
ColossusXT COLX $0.0004 | 0.00000004 BTC -0.66% $4.7M PrivacyCOLX is a community-orientated coin with a focus on Privacy & Grid Computing -Colossus Grid -Decentralized Marketplace -PoS Environmentally Friendly -Zerocoin/I2P/Tor -instant transactions -low/Fixed Fees -Polis Pay Partnership -Strong Masternodes N/A Proof of Stake
Crave CRAVE $0.009 | 0.00000089 BTC +17.73% $0 PrivacyCrave is a decentralized, community-driven, and energy-efficient payment system which values the privacy of its users. N/A Proof of Stake
Crowdcoin CRC $0.0001 | 0.00000001 BTC +0% $0 CurrencyCrowd Coin is a proof of work based crypto currency that has been built from the ground up on our own blockchain technology, allowing us to adapt and make changes for the greater good of both the platform and its underlying currency, using masternodes to provide added stability to both the network and coin value.
Crown CRW $0.0511 | 0.00000503 BTC -1.7% $1.2M PlatformCrown is both a leading digital token (known as CRW) and a self-sustainable blockchain platform for building and running economy applications N/A Proof of Work
CryptoCashBack CCBC $0.0001 | 0.00000001 BTC +0% $2,090 MarketplaceUnordinary crypto currency with sophisticated and eccentric idea to make your shopping experience hand-tailored N/A Proof of Stake
Dash DASH $95.84 | 0.00946605 BTC -3.46% $866.8M CurrencyThe Dash network features instant transaction confirmation, double spend protection, anonymity equal to that of physical cash, a self-governing, self-funding model driven by incentivized full nodes and a clear roadmap for on-chain scaling to up to 400MB blocks using custom-developed open source hardware. N/A Proof of Work/Stake
Desire DSR $0.0016 | 0.00000016 BTC +5.99% $0 PrivacyDesire is a new P2P digital currency designed to unite all interested users for rewards, exchange and transfer of money to any point of the world, bypassing centralized payment systems. N/A Proof of Work
Diamond DMD $0.7427 | 0.00007332 BTC +1.58% $2.5M StablecoinStorage of Wealth Solution N/A Proof of Stake
DigiByte DGB $0.0082 | 0.00000081 BTC -3.4% $100.4M CurrencyDigiByte is a rapidly growing global blockchain with a focus on cybersecurity for digital payments & decentralized applications. Over 4 years, DigiByte has become the world's fastest, longest and most decentralized UTXO blockchain today. N/A Proof of Work
Digiwage WAGE $0.0009 | 0.00000009 BTC +11.74% $0 PlatformDigiwage is a decentralized freelance platform and payment processor N/A Proof of Stake
DINERO DIN $0.0005 | 0.00000005 BTC +38.39% $7,818 GovernanceDinero uses a fully decentralised governance and budgeting system which enables our community to have full democratic control over the allocation of budgets. N/A Proof of Work
Divi DIVI $0.0139 | 0.00000137 BTC +1.32% $17.4M ProtocolCryptocurrency made easy. Earn, store, and transact digital money with Divi’s user-friendly Smart Wallet and MOCCI. N/A Proof of Stake
DogeCash DOGEC $0.0229 | 0.00000226 BTC -2.17% $105,399 GovernanceDogeCash (DOGEC) is a transparent, community governed cryptocurrency aimed at preserving what makes DogeCoin unique while offering an alternative way for the average investor to get involved. N/A Proof of Stake
Dogecoin DOGE $0.0026 | 0.00000026 BTC -2.87% $316.8M CurrencyDogecoin is an open source peer-to-peer digital currency, favored by Shiba Inus worldwide. N/A Proof of Work
Dynamic DYN $0.0834 | 0.00000822 BTC -19.55% $0 UtilityDynamic is a utility-token used to process BaaS solutions across multiple industries. The Dynamic network is a combination of the Dynamic blockchain and a second network of nodes ("Dynodes") that facilitate BaaS solutions on a permissionless blockchain. N/A Proof of Work/Nodes
Einsteinium EMC2 $0.0584 | 0.00000576 BTC +0.19% $12.7M PaymentsEinsteinium (EMC2) is an open source, Bitcoin-like digital currency which uses a proof of work script algorithm. Although this currency can be used for any type of transaction, its primary use is for scientific, charitable and political fundraising. N/A Proof of Work
Electra ECA $0.0002 | 0.00000002 BTC -64.91% $5.1M PaymentsA Peer-to-Peer Payments coin. Fast. Secure. Low Fees. Tech-Focused & Community-Driven Cryptocurrency. N/A Proof of Stake
Eternity ENT $0.0013 | 0.00000013 BTC -0.94% $8,321 CurrencyEternity is an experimental new digital currency that enables anonymous, instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Eternity uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network.
Faircoin FAIR $0.0302 | 0.00000297 BTC +30.16% $0 CurrencyFairCoin is the monetary base system for FairCoop - The Earth Cooperative for a Fair Economy (see N/A Proof of Work/Stake
FLO FLO $0.0443 | 0.00000437 BTC -1.07% $6.7M PlatformProof of work blockchain with metadata storage for quickly building blockchain applications N/A Proof of Work
Fujicoin FJC $0 | 0.00000000 BTC +0% $88,484 StablecoinFujicoin is the first cryptocurrency in the world which implementted measures against double spend by 51% attack on exchange. N/A Proof of Work
Galactrum ORE $0.0131 | 0.00000129 BTC +20.5% $66,835 PrivacyORE is an Autonomous Decentralized Digital Currency that is Self-Sustaining. Galactrum is Community Controlled using a Democratic Voting System. N/A Proof of Work
Galilel gali $0.0066 | 0.00000065 BTC +9.12% $120,579The first general purpose crypto currency with Hybrid Consensus Algorithm, Dynamic Zerocoin Proof-of-Stake, Proof-of-Transaction and Masternode voting for period based reward burning. Delegated Proof of Stake
GINCoin GIN $0.0174 | 0.00000172 BTC +0.82% $123,442 Fund ManagementGINcoin aims to provide cryptocurrency investors with an easy way of creating and deploying their own masternode(s) - regardless of their technical abilities. GINcoin masternodes and masternodes for other blockchains will be deployable in a couple of clicks or less.
GoByte GBX $0.0318 | 0.00000314 BTC -10.81% $187,913 FintechGoByte (GBX) is an innovative cryptocurrency. A form of digital currency secured by cryptography and issued through a decentralized and advanced mining market. N/A Proof of Work
GravityCoin GXX $0.0416 | 0.00000411 BTC -6.12% $107,655 PrivacyGravityCoin is a multi-functional cryptocurrency with a developing ecosystem consisting of DEX, applications, and multiple-blockchain interactions. Features include, but are not limited to KNIFE technology, masternode tiers and full ZeroCoin privacy. N/A Proof of Work
Hash HASH $0.0006 | 0.00000006 BTC +19.89% $16,239 PlatformHASH is a decentralized platform with Masternodes, Proof of Stake and a Charity donation program. N/A Proof of Stake
Htmlcoin HTML $0.0001 | 0.00000001 BTC +0.88% $0 PlatformHTML is a hybrid coin that integrates smart contracts into Bitcoin Core. N/A Proof of Work
Innova Coin INN $0.0064 | 0.00000063 BTC -17.23% $0 CurrencyInnova Coin is an innovative and adaptive new age cryptocurrency that is available to everyone. It is easy to use, and utilizes an incredibly secure and actively developing program. Innova is unique because it is the best coin for the Masternode system, and offers a plethora of benefits to users and investors alike.
Internet of People IOP $0.0266 | 0.00000262 BTC +4.34% $0 ProtocolIoP is the service infrastructure that enables p2p relationships. Its decentralized blockchain-based system allows personal data to remain on end-user device, while Mercury will be responsible for establishing the necessary connections to link them. N/A Proof of Work
Ixcoin IXC $0.0212 | 0.00000209 BTC -4.72% $447,246 CurrencyIxcoin is a peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution.
Jiyo JIYO $0.0001 | 0.00000003 BTC +0% $0 CurrencyA privacy-centric, energy-efficient, decentralized, open-source, peer-to-peer (P2P) digital currency with instant and anonymous transactions.
Kalkulus KLKS $0.0074 | 0.00000073 BTC +5.17% $127,715 CurrencyKalkulus is a decentralized digital asset that offers blockchain based solutions enabling instant transactions to anyone, anywhere in the world.
Know Your Developer KYD $0.0115 | 0.00000114 BTC +1.52% $101,704 IdentityKnow Your Developer tries to minimize the chances of you getting scammed. Developers can apply on our website, write a biography, link to projects they are working on, but also get a rating on their developer abilities and reviews from community members.In addition, KYD offers a list of verified projects. These projects can have different levels of verification. N/A Proof of Stake
Kreds KREDS $0.0001 | 0.00000001 BTC -0.74% $65,301 SocialKREDS is a Peer-to-Peer cryptocurrency focused on monetizing digital participation. N/A Proof of Work
LBRY Credits LBC $0.0121 | 0.00000119 BTC -1.28% $3.2M ContentLBRY is a decentralized, peer-to-peer content sharing platform, resistant to non-arbitrary censorship, that allows creators full control over their data and monetization strategy. N/A Proof of Work
Litecoin LTC $74.68 | 0.00737490 BTC -1.22% $4.7B PaymentsLitecoin is a peer-to-peer Internet currency that enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world. Litecoin is an open source, global payment network that is fully decentralized without any central authorities. N/A Proof of Work
Lynx LYNX $0 | 0.00000000 BTC +12.12% $0 PaymentsLynx is an eco-friendly cryptocurrency that discourages mining for profit. N/A Proof of Work
Machinecoin MAC $0.0007 | 0.00000007 BTC +53.98% $18,731 PaymentsA crypto-currency originally based on Litecoin's code base, but various upgrades have morphed the project into a dynamic, resilient, and full-featured coin. Such integrations include our own algorithm called "TimeTravel" and the Masternode Network. N/A Proof of Work
MagnaCoin MGN $0.0003 | 0.00000009 BTC +0% $0 CurrencyMagna Coin is a P2P digital currency that combines ultra anonymous technology with masternodes and on-chain atomic swaps.
Minexcoin MNX $0.0897 | 0.00000886 BTC -1.22% $395,557 CurrencyMinexcoin is a low volatility cryptocurrency that brings sweeping changes to current payment systems. We connected the financial and blockchain worlds to create a unique solution to solve critical crypto-challenges.
MktCoin MLM $0.0003 | 0.00000003 BTC -0.87% $0 Currency
$0.0135 | 0.00000133 BTC +10.19% $94,306 PaymentsMNPCoin is the official cryptocurrency of MasterNodes.Pro. N/A Proof of Stake
MONACOIN MONA $1.16 | 0.00011479 BTC -1.61% $82.3M SocialMonacoin is the first alternative cryptocurrency developed in Japan. N/A Proof of Work
MonetaryUnit MUE $0.0061 | 0.00000060 BTC -1.02% $1M CurrencyLaunched in July 2014 Monetary Unit is a decentralised, self-sustainable and self-governed cryptocurrency project with long term goals. N/A Proof of Work/MN
Monoeci XMCC $0.0033 | 0.00000032 BTC -0.52% $40,856 PaymentsThe vision of Monoeci is to provide a secure and trustless blockchain system that facilitates the transfer of assets in Monaco. The project aims to build the bridge between blockchain technology and the real world economy in Monaco. N/A Proof of Work
Myriad XMY $0.0009 | 0.00000009 BTC -12.69% $1.6M CurrencyMyriad is the first currency to support 5 algorithms, catering for ASIC, GPU and CPU mining. Currently, those algorithms consist of SHA256d, Scrypt, Myr-Groestl, Skein and Yescrypt.
Namecoin NMC $0.5282 | 0.00005216 BTC -2.06% $8.4M IdentityNamecoin is an experimental open-source technology which improves decentralization, security, censorship resistance, privacy, and speed of certain components of the Internet infrastructure such as DNS and identities. N/A Proof of Work
NIX NIX $0.1307 | 0.00001292 BTC -0.23% $5.7M PrivacyNIX Platform is a next generation privacy currency and multi-layered interoperability platform which fuels anonymity-focused decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts, providing the option of adding a best-in-class privacy layer to any blockchain. N/A Proof of Stake
Nodium XN $0.0005 | 0.00000006 BTC +0% $0 PrivacyNodium is an innovative private payment network and a new kind of money N/A Proof of Stake
Noir NOR $0.0153 | 0.00000150 BTC +3.14% $307,938 PrivacyNoir is a decentralized digital currency created to ensure your transactions are secure, private, and untraceable. Our technology is based on the Zerocoin Protocol which provides you complete anonymity over your funds. Noir is a rebrand of Zoin Proof of Work
Northern NORT $0.0143 | 0.00000141 BTC -0.34% $0 Fund ManagementNorthern Core is a decentralized, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency with a primary focus on energy-efficiency and scalabilty. The Northern Network makes use of only Proof-of-Stake mining, in the form of masternodes and staking. N/A Proof of Stake
NYXCOIN NYX $0.0003 | 0.00000003 BTC -0.36% $1,743 Paymentsx-INNOVATIVE and DECENTRALIZED crypto currency that have the bases (fast, secure and anonymous transactions, low fees) to become the best digital payment asset for buying/selling goods and services around the world. N/A Proof of Work
ODIN ODIN $0.001 | 0.00000026 BTC +0% $0 PlatformPrivacy PoS coin and mobile Dapps platform; supporting transparent, open-source collaboration. N/A Proof of Stake
Ohmcoin OHMC $0.0005 | 0.00000005 BTC +0% $15,927 CurrencyOhmcoin is a fast, secure, energy efficient cryptocurrency and soon to be donation platform, where new supply is minted by people holding Ohmcoin in their wallet or in a Karmanode.
Phore PHR $0.0997 | 0.00000982 BTC -2.2% $1.9M PrivacyInnovating Distributed Ledger Technology for real-world use with the vision of sustainable, decentralized commerce on a global scale. Phore is a platform offering proof-of-stake and masternode Rewards, a Decentralized Marketplace, and a Privacy option. Furthering the ecosystem, Smart Contracts, Decentralized Crowdfunding and more are coming soon. N/A Proof of Stake
PIVX PIVX $0.272 | 0.00002686 BTC +0.54% $16.6M CurrencyPIVX is a Bitcoin-based community-centric cryptocurrency with a focus on decentralization, privacy, and real-world use. It utilizes an energy efficient Proof of Stake protocol and a second-tier Masternode network. N/A Proof of Stake
Polis POLIS $0.6595 | 0.00006516 BTC +7.65% $0 GovernancePolis is a cryptocurrency for communities. People thrive when they can connect and trade freely. Polis uses advanced decentralized blockchain technology to solve major problems for our global community. N/A Proof of Work
Pura PURA $0.003 | 0.00000029 BTC +139.12% $0 CurrencyPURA is an international digital currency that liberates you to transact with anyone in the world directly, privately and instantly, making your life cheaper by removing the expense or need for a middle man like a bank or a payment provider.
Qbic Qbic $0.001 | 0.00000010 BTC -28.57% $0 SocialQbic is a digital currency proposing the use of project level monetary policies to control asset volatility. N/A Proof of Work
Qtum QTUM $2.19 | 0.00021616 BTC +0.36% $210.3M PlatformCombining a modified Bitcoin Core infrastructure with an intercompatible version of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), Qtum merges the reliability of Bitcoin’s unfailing blockchain with the endless possibilities provided by smart contracts. N/A
Rapids RPD $0.0001 | 0.00000001 BTC +2.1% $738,741 SocialWe are a creative agency with a passion for innovation & the design of beautiful creations. We have all envisioned certain aspects of past cryptocurrency projects we would have liked to see come to fruition, and we are applying those underlying philosophies to Rapids. N/A Proof of Stake
Ravencoin RVN $0.0348 | 0.00000343 BTC +3.58% $155.1M PlatformRavencoin aims to implement a use case specific blockchain, designed to handle the transfer of assets from one party to another. Ravencoin is a truly open source project (no ICO or masternodes). N/A Proof of Work
Secure Cloud Net SCN $0.005 | 0.00000049 BTC +24.77% $15,846 MarketplaceSecureCloudNet (SCN) is a blockchain project that aims to become the leading exchange medium to purchase cloud services from a network of cloud service providers. N/A Proof of Stake
Sequence SEQ $0.0042 | 0.00000041 BTC -14.75% $195,075 UtilitySequence uses Blake2b, which has been adopted by many projects due to its high speed, security, and simplicity. Blake2b is optimized for 64-bit platforms—including NEON-enabled ARMs. N/A Proof of Stake
Shekel JEW $0.0002 | 0.00000002 BTC +0% $0 PrivacyShekel is a fully decentralized digital currency powered by Masternodes, Proof-of-Stake, and decentralized governance N/A Proof of Stake
Sibcoin SIB $0.057 | 0.00000563 BTC -4.85% $1M FintechStarted in 2015, Sibcoin is a peer-to-peer decentraliied digital cryptocurrency. Being a community coin, Sibcoin has no need for intermediaries, the regulatory function is carried out by a cryptographic mathematical algorithm. N/A Proof of Work
Social Send SEND $0.0028 | 0.00000028 BTC +3.19% $145,071 FintechSocial Send is a blockchain project advancing cryptocurrency into social networks. SEND has created a simple and universal integration system with end result user experience in mind. Sending and receiving funds on any social network is now achievable with only a novice level of expertise. It is so easy the user may not even realize they are utilizing blockchain technology. SEND’s goal is to be the catalyst that takes cryptocurrency into the hands of the masses. N/A Proof of Stake
Solaris XLR $0.2299 | 0.00002268 BTC -33.74% $402,878 ExchangeSolaris is a decentralized open source cryptocurrency focused on privacy, innovation and advancement of technology. N/A Proof of Stake
Sparks SPK $0.1162 | 0.00001148 BTC +16.33% $0 GovernanceServe as a buyer protection platform for cryptocurrencies, enabling safe and seamless use of cryptocurrencies in eCommerce for both consumers and merchants N/A Proof of Work
Stakenet XSN $0.06 | 0.00000593 BTC -1.17% $5.3M CurrencyStakenet (XSN) is a cutting edge utility blockchain using masternodes, lightning network, enhanced security algorithms, and cross chain capabilities. XSN is the first blockchain to utilize staking via Trustless Proof of Stake (TPoS), resulting in the highest level of security amongst existing Proof of Stake networks.
STRAKS STAK $0.002 | 0.00000020 BTC -9.75% $14,960 PaymentsA decentralized, open source, community driven digital currency, focusing on e-commerce utility. N/A Proof of Work/MN
Sucre SUCR $0.0155 | 0.00000230 BTC +0% $0 StablecoinSucre is more advanced than Bitcoin and differs from the Sha256 Algorithm by being much less resource intensive. With a Budget Proposal System, incentivized full nodes (Masternodes), instant transactions and protocol level privacy support. N/A Proof of Work
Syndicate SYNX $0.002 | 0.00000020 BTC -1.19% $74,062 PlatformSyndicate is a decentralized cryptocurrency combined with a state of the art business software can generate a unique opportunity for business owners to thrive in a country with a struggling economy. N/A Proof of Stake
Syscoin SYS $0.0268 | 0.00000265 BTC +1.5% $15.1M PlatformMost recognized for the Blockmarket decentralized marketplace, Syscoin is a blockchain development platform and a utility token. Developers can create their own tokens and blockchain applications using a suite of tools and hardened smart contracts. N/A Proof of Work
Terracoin TRC $0.0281 | 0.00000277 BTC +8.22% $644,277 GovernanceTo create a cryptocoin that replaces fiat currency while also helping the world N/A Proof of Work
Tribe TRB $0.0075 | 0.00000073 BTC +0% $0 PaymentsTribe is a community take over the abandoned DAS coin. Community focused, with a small but dedicated team. We have made significant improvements to the coin. We plan to develop which will have real-world use cases to it for all users. N/A Proof of Work
Ultranatum ULTRA $0.0004 | 0.00000011 BTC +0% $0 CurrencyUltranatum is a new cryptocurrency with a focus on payment enabled mobile application while maintaining anonymity, not only of payments but of messages.
UnbreakableCoin UNB N/A N/A N/A Currency"In early 2014, a SHA256 crypto named UnbreakableCoin was created and released by Jim Blasko for the crypto community. Years later, UNB is still here and continues to grow everyday. "The groups of people behind crypto are not much different than the technology itself, we're this unbreakable collective of crypto enthusiasts." -- Jim Blasko 2017
Uniform Fiscal Object UFO $0.0001 | 0.00000001 BTC -0.71% $388,798 PaymentsA NeoScrypt coin with advanced checkpointing N/A Proof of Work
United Crypto Community UCOM $0.0654 | 0.00001010 BTC +0% $0 CurrencyUCOM is the International Asian Cryptocurrency. Using a proven X11 hash algorithm with 11 types of encryption provides the highest level of reliability, and hybrid mining allows to combine high transaction processing speed and low commission cost.
Unobtanium UNO $74.39 | 0.00734919 BTC -2.12% $0 PaymentsUNO is an experiment in low inflation, low issue and fair launch, which has made it an excellent store of wealth since 2013. There was no pre-mine of Unobtanium, no IPO, and no POS inflation. The final 250,000th Un will be mined in 2043. N/A Proof of Work
Vertcoin VTC $0.2842 | 0.00002807 BTC -1.07% $14.6M PaymentsLaunched in January 2014. Vertcoin is an open and decentralized currency built on blockchain technology. We're focused on a fast decentralized mining network. N/A Proof of Work
Viacoin VIA $0.2412 | 0.00002382 BTC +3.57% $5.6M PaymentsViacoin is an open source crypto-currency created in 2014 with a fast block time (24 sec), low transaction fees (<$0.001), a 100 TH/s network hashrate and is highly scalable. Viacoin supports Segwit, Lightning Network and atomic swaps. N/A Proof of Work
Vitae VIT $1.84 | 0.00018223 BTC -6% $0 SocialSocial Rewards website. N/A Proof of Stake
VIVO VIVO $0.0041 | 0.00000040 BTC +108.91% $0 PaymentsDecentralized masternode network providing fast, secure, private payments sytem. N/A Proof of Work
VSYNC VSX $0.0006 | 0.00000006 BTC +3.07% $0 CurrencyA decentralized crypto-currency using the latest technology to ensure a secure network. Vsync will use blockchain technology to expand VSYNC features and functionalities.
Vyigrat VYI N/A N/A N/A Currency
Wagerr wgr $0.0396 | 0.00000391 BTC -8.29% $8.1M GamblingWagerr is a decentralized sports forecasting system N/A Proof of Stake
XCurrency XC $0 | 0.00000001 BTC +0% $0 PrivacySecure digital postage and storage, on the blockchain. N/A Proof of Stake
Zcoin XZC $5.71 | 0.00056426 BTC +5.25% $48.1M PrivacyZcoin focuses on privacy and decentralization with technologies such as Zerocoin, MTP and TOR integration. N/A Proof of Work
ZestCoin ZEST $0.0003 | 0.00000003 BTC +0% $911.72 GovernanceZest is a Masternode Proof-of-Stake Coin that aims to build a Sponsorship platform while also contributing to humanitarian efforts. N/A Proof of Stake

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