Comet 4.3.1 has been released

Blocknet Comet 4.3.1 has been released with improvements and new features. Full details on these updates can be seen below.

Note: This is a mandatory update for Service Nodes and Block DX users.

Download Blocknet Comet 4.3.1

Blocknet Comet 4.3.1


This release includes improvements to partial orders as well as UI updates including Coin Control tree view, a new Balances screen, and Address Book fixes. The team also fixed an issue with address labels (aliases) being removed when sending and receiving coins. The full list of improvements is as follows:

  • Improved partial orders support
  • dxPartialOrderChainDetails rpc call
  • dxGetMyPartialOrderChain rpc call
  • Fixed order cancellation issues
  • Coin Control tree view
  • Coin Control keyboard navigation added
  • New Balances screen
  • Address book improvements
  • Dashboard transaction list fixes
  • Support lowercase rpc calls
Coin Control


Comet v4.3.1 requires an XBridge version bump (version 55). The partial orders feature was improved and is not backwards compatible with previous versions. All Service node operators and Block DX traders need to update to the latest version.


The team is working on an Enterprise XRouter environment managed by docker-compose that will support web3 ethereum rpc calls as well as simplified infrastructure management.

Looking Forward

There are many exciting milestones still ahead including XRouter 1.0, market and limit order functionality on Block DX, various other Block DX improvements on the UX, and integration of lite multiwallet being developed in partnership with CloudChains Inc, which is powered by the Blocknet Protocol. View the roadmap.

As part of the partnership with CloudChains Inc, an XRouter Package is being developed to enable Service Nodes to easily deploy and enable services for providing Ethereum blockchain data. This brings the first revenue generating XRouter package to service nodes and provides a cost effective solution for Ethereum developers to consume this data and interact with the Ethereum blockchain using just an API through a decentralized blockchain enabled network, essentially creating a “Decentralized Infura”.

Blocknet will continue breaking new ground as we move through 2020. Be sure to keep up with the latest developments by joining the Blocknet community on Discord and subscribing to the biweekly newsletter.

Note: This is a mandatory update for Service Nodes and Block DX users.

Download Blocknet Comet 4.3.1 

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