Blocknet Wallet and Block DX Update

Block DX version 0.8.2 and required wallet version 3.11.0 have been released. The wallet update includes an XBridge protocol version bump, XBridge improvements, RPC locking fixes, efficiency improvements, and new screens in the redesigned wallet while the Block DX update includes order form validation messages and a fallback for the auto configuration file update. Additional details on these updates can be seen below.

Note: Since this wallet release contains a protocol bump, it is required for everyone to update.

The focus of this release is to fortify the reliability of the Blocknet Protocol and improve the user experience within the Blocknet Wallet. This is the most significant update to the XBridge order system in 2018. With it comes many additional verification checks and performance improvements. This update is capable of supporting trading with bots and provides the most token support for traders ever. Here are some of the items included in this release:


  • XBridge Improvements:
    • Additional order verification checks were added to XBridge.
    • Fixed issues with “stuck” orders.
    • Increased the reliability of the order system.
    • If a trade fails to complete, Service Nodes will now submit the traders’ redeem transactions to the respective blockchains on their behalf.
  • RPC Locking Fixes: Reworked the RPC calls to support high frequency trading and bots.
  • Increased Efficiency: A more efficient method of conducting wallet RPC validation and wallet connection checks was implemented, greatly reducing the amount of calls taking place.
  • Canceled Order State: A bug was fixed to correct an issue with some cancelled orders falsely having an ‘open’ status.
  • Extended Address Validation: The address validation checks were extended in preparation for future compatibility with Ethereum addresses.
  • Qt Version Update: Updated to Qt version 5.7
  • Redesigned Settings Screen: A Settings screen has been added within the wallet for easy access to various wallet configurations.

  • Redesigned Debug Console Tool Screen: A new Tools screen has been created with the first feature being the debug console. This is inline with the initiative to be able to access as many features as possible within 2 clicks or less. Having the debug console within the app helps with accessibility and discoverability.

Block DX

  • Order Form Validation Messages: This addition provides error messaging to the user when there’s data missing from the order form.
  • Auto Config Update Fallback: Improved the way the app pulls in the latest configuration files along with adding a fallback for if an issue occurs in the process.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Corrected an issue with the order form button staying in the inactive state.
    • Fixed scaling of the order form when BTC pricing is active so the entire form remains visible without scrolling.

The 3.11.0 wallet release can be downloaded here, and the latest Block DX version can be downloaded here.

Following this release, there’s a lot of exciting milestones ahead. With the release of our new roadmap format, you have a clear view of various product tracks, milestones for each product track, and the resulting culmination of these efforts.

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Blocknet will continue breaking new ground as we move into 2019. Make sure to keep up with the latest developments by joining the Blocknet community on Discord and subscribing to the biweekly newsletter.

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