The latest Block DX release (0.8.1) includes many new and improved features, one of which streamlines the addition of new tokens. To celebrate this update, Blocknet is launching the Coin Announcements 2.0 campaign to announce new tokens that are integrated into Blocknet’s interoperability network and are also ready for trading on Block DX! These new tokens, along with any previously announced tokens, can be discovered via Blocknet’s newly expanded website tool: Coin Hub.

Adding tokens with scalability

Block DX is the most decentralized exchange system in crypto and with this latest update, it has just become a lot quicker to expand the number of currencies that can be traded. With a new feature that automatically updates configuration files, getting listed on Block DX only takes one simple steps:

1. Complete the Blocknet Compatibility Check

Once completed, the Blocknet team will do extensive testing on the new token. If the minimum criteria is met, the new token is announced and Block DX will automatically download the configuration files with Setup Wizard, making it instantly ready for trading! Don’t forget: listing is 100% free and permissionless!

Also included in the latest Block DX update:

  • A revamped ‘my orders’ table for better clarity
  • A way to distinguish your own orders in the orderbook
  • Timestamps included in the price chart
  • Various user experience improvements across the board

The latest version (0.8.1) of Block DX can be downloaded here.

Coin Announcements 2.0

To celebrate this advancement, Blocknet is launching a fresh campaign to introduce these new blockchain listings to the crypto-world! In the summer of 2018 Blocknet began our first Coin Announcement campaign, reaching over 90 communities with the news that their token was both compatible with the Blocknet Protocol and tradable on Block DX. This time around, Blocknet is showcasing each coin with their own individual Portal.

Portals are an expansion of Blocknet’s Coin Hub, a tool for discovering any project on the Internet of Blockchains. Each Portal brings together coin information, social media feeds, marketing materials, Block DX instructions, dApp use cases, and more. Check out the Phore Portal to get a taste of what Portals are going to become and stay tuned for more detailed information on Portals in the near future.

Get the word out!

To kicks things off, we are proud to announce ODIN is now compatible with Blocknet and ready for trading on Block DX! ODIN is a privacy-centric, PoS blockchain with a mobile dApps platform, supporting transparent and open-source collaboration. We welcome their community and developers to the Internet of Blockchains and encourage them to check out the ODIN Portal to get promotional material and start trading ODIN on Block DX!

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