The Free Market DEX

Decentralized Exchange
Being built on the Blocknet Protocol, everything from capital storage to order books, order matching, and asset exchange are entirely decentralized.
Every trade is peer-to-peer, wallet-to-wallet, with no middleman. Through the power of Atomic Swaps, you never have to trust a third party.
Trustless Nodes
Unlike other DEXs, Block DX allows users to run their own nodes for each coin they trade, by default. Never trust someone else's node again.

Different from the rest.

100% decentralized application.
There is no centralized point of control; no single point of failure.
Safe Trading
There are no middlemen or intermediaries.
Funds remain in each party’s wallets and are not entrusted to a third party at any stage - your funds are always in your control.
No Account
Access for everyone.
Since it’s decentralized, there are no accounts or sign-ups. Simply download and trade peer-to-peer.
Lower Fees
Keeping things simple.
There are lower trading fees and no withdrawal fees, since trades are conducted directly from your wallets.
Trading Pair Freedom
Freedom to trade between any assets.
Complete trading pair freedom allowing any coin on Block DX to be traded with any other.
Open access for any project.
Block DX is powered by the Blocknet Protocol. Any service using the protocol will have shared order books and liquidity.
Fee Distribution
Everything goes to infrastructure.
100% of trade fees using the Blocknet Protocol are distributed among service providers.
No Listing Fee
Every coin is accepted.
There's no listing fees to be added to Block DX. However, we do preliminary testing to ensure 100% compatibility. Contact us to submit your coin.
Zero Down Time
Always online.
Since Block DX is a dApp powered by the Blocknet protocol, there is zero downtime and built-in DoS protection.

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Download Blocknet

Wallet (4.3.1)
Block DX (1.8.0)

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