Blocknet 2018 Q4 Roadmap and Beyond

The latest Blocknet roadmap is progressing well with many items already completed including extended order timeouts and additional verification checks for XBridge, further updates for Block DX and much more.  As 2018 turns to 2019, all development lines of the Blocknet protocol will continue to mature as we continue to lay the foundation for an “internet of blockchains”.

Blocknet is a second layer blockchain interoperability protocol that enables communication, interaction, and exchange between different blockchains. This allows for the development of multi-chain applications and blockchain microservice architectures.

To provide a better outlook on the project, we have taken to a new format for the roadmap. The updated roadmap provides an overview of the various product tracks, milestones for each product track, and the resulting culmination of these efforts.

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The current product tracks are XBridge (a decentralized exchange protocol), Block DX (a DEX powered by XBridge), XRouter (a cross-chain communication protocol), XCloud (a decentralized microservice cloud powered by XRouter), and the Blocknet blockchain.

Upcoming Milestones

In the fourth quarter of 2018, Blocknet has completed many improvements to Block DX, XBridge, and the redesigned wallet. More information on those items can be found in past updates on Blocknet’s blog. For the rest of Q4 and beyond, there are many more exciting improvements:

Block DX

  • Welcome and intro messaging will help onboard users and gain familiarity with the new trading experience.
  • Market and limit orders will provide functionality similar to market and limit orders on centralized exchanges.
  • Ethereum integration will allow ETH to be exchanged with any other of the compatible blockchains with complete trading pair freedom.
  • A confirmation slider will allow users to specify the amount of network confirmations they prefer when placing an order. This will also include a confirmations filter for the order books.


  • An upgrade to XBridge will allow for greater efficiency, additional functionality, and a refactored codebase.
  • Ethereum integration will allow ETH to be exchanged with any other of the compatible blockchains with complete trading pair freedom.


  • XRouter SPV integration will be finalized and included in all new wallets moving forward. This update will allow signed transactions from other blockchains to be submitted to each respective network without having those blockchains installed!
  • An interchain routing guideline will be developed to present as an IEEE/ISO standard.
  • The XRouter specifications for API calls, design, and architecture will be finalized. This will allow for the protocol to be developed to completion.
  • XRouter Custom Calls will enable communication and interaction with other blockchains, such as being able to query or submit new products to Syscoin’s marketplace.


  • Development of XCloud, a service plugin system built on XRouter, will allow for a decentralized cloud services platform.


  • An Accounts screen within the wallet will provide users an easy way to view all their addresses and balances.
  • The wallet’s Tools screen will contains various utilities that will be restyled including a peers explorer, debug console, BIP38 tool, and wallet repair tools.
  • A Coin Split increasing the supply by 100x will occur to allow for smaller fees more suitable for XRouter without conflicting with dust amounts.
  • Blocknet’s base chain will be replaced with a chain that better meets the project’s needs.


Looking forward Blocknet will have a very successful future as these product tracks mature and come to fruition! Join Blocknet’s community on Discord to take part in discussion discover the latest information and developments.

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