Download now! Major new wallet update to support DECRED and full bot-friendly API

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Download now! Major new wallet update to support DECRED and full bot-friendly API

IMPORTANT: with this update, the DX is no longer compatible with previous wallet versions. Please update ASAP to remain compatible. This is a required update for service nodes.


We’re excited to release a slew of significant features to the Blocknet decentralized exchange. Our latest release, includes the following:



We added support for DECRED and several other projects utilising 35 character addresses. This was a blocker bug preventing us from moving further than the placing of orders; you can expect further testing to follow, and quite likely the first full DECRED trade!


API and Bots

We have updated the order book to support API trading. On most exchanges, API trading makes up the bulk of exchange volume, and is a necessary requirement to achieve high liquidity. Since the Blocknet is intended as token ecosystem infrastructure that will chiefly be a service consumed by dapps, this is a key feature. Bot builders are now invited to explore the permissionless world of decentralized exchange!

API documentation is available here.


Other new features

– We surfaced the exchange protocol’s rollback feature in the UI
– We fixed an order duplication bug on the order book
– We fixed a stake reward issue
– We fixed some API issues


Download the latest version from our Github repo here:


Happy trading!


The Blocknet team



17-09-28 Critical security update

Around the time of the release of the new 3.7.xx branch of our technology, we became aware of a critical staking protocol bug inherited from the PPC/Dash/PivX codebase (which PivX have recently fixed). Furthermore, a malicious actor appeared to have exploited it the very day before.

Accordingly, we released version 3.6.13 to fix the staking bug speedily. After progressive updates, version 3.6.20 forms the baseline build moving forward.

Both current versions (that is, 3.6.20 and 3.7.20) fix the staking bug and nullify the attempted exploit. Specifically, any hacked stake rewards will become permanently unspendable. Finally, we are working closely with exchanges to block any attempts to sell hacked stake rewards. Fortunately, taking quick action minimized the impact of the exploit. About 585k BLOCK were generated using this exploit. Of that, about 40k BLOCK was sold on the market, effectively distributing it to the community. The remaining ~545k BLOCK will become permanently unspendable.

Users should update their wallets without delay. On 6 October, at block 81862, the network is coded to soft fork and enforce the fix; all wallets not updated prior to this date will no longer function on the network.
Download link:


Update: additional features on the 3.7.xx branch

We have released build 3.7.20, which, in addition to the new features described above, includes our “xwallet” tech, which is the beginning of the service node verification system, and serves to enable trading dapps to identify which coins a service node supports. Henceforth, the “servicenode list” call will return a list of service nodes and the coins they support.


Which wallet version should I use?

It is not mandatory to use the new 3.7.xx branch in order to stake. It is, however, required for the operation of the order book, and thus the use of the newly-advanced decentralized exchange. We encourage you to use the 3.7.xx builds henceforth. Service node operators, please note the details in the final paragraph.


For service node operators

Service node operators should use wallets on the 3.7.xx branch. However, the updates require that you manually delete `mncache.dat` in order to work. Setup steps are as follows:
1. Close your old wallet
2. Delete mncache.dat from %appdata%\roaming\BlocknetDX
3. Run the new wallet

If that fails, then follow these steps:
4. Restart each upgraded service node by running “servicenode start-alias [alias]” on the controller wallet (or from the servicenode tab)
5. Additionally, this may need to be followed by entering “./blocknetdxd servicenode start” on the remote servicenode side.

This is a once off requirement per service node due to a protocol version upgrade to enable xwallets.





17-10-05 Mandatory update

In order to address the staking protocol bug detailed above, we will be releasing a new set of wallet builds – one today (4th October) and another, likely tomorrow or on Friday. These builds are required updates to deal with the illicit stake rewards. Please update ASAP.

Today’s build is a soft fork and so it is mandatory that you update to it, to avoid ending up on the wrong chain.

There is a 24 hour time window prior to the soft fork. Please do not delay to update your wallet.

To update, close your wallet, download the new wallet (3.7.23) and install.

Download from

Please join the Blocknet Slack, and then join the #wallet-support channel if you need any help or have any questions:





17-10-15 Mandatory and final update prior to Bittrex wallet re-enablement

Blocknet v.3.7.32 is now available and should be installed without delay. This update further addresses the consensus protocol bug discovered on 27 Sept. It also fixes text legibility on the overview tab.

By no later than Saturday this week (21 Oct), a (hard) spork will be activated which will lock all illicit stake rewards and resolve the attacker’s attempt to “infect” innocent users’ addresses.

NB: prior to the spork, do not spend coins from address inputs sent to you by the attacker. After the spork, these coins will become unspendable but will remain in your wallet. A future update will bring user protection into the UI and a method to remove illicit coins from your wallet safely.

NB: if you do not update, you will end up on the wrong chain. Please update without delay.

Download now:





17-10-17 Fix released: please download v.3.7.36 now

In our testing prior to the hard fork, we have noticed a CV (coinValidator) error in Blocknet v.3.7.32, which will affect wallets’ functionality once the fork commences.

As such, it is necessary for all users to upgrade to v.3.7.36 prior to the hard fork. As previously announced, the hard fork will take place at block 105512 (this Saturday, 21 Oct), so please update without delay.

Download now:

Our apologies for the inconvenience. Rapid-response releases are optimal for a 0-day attack; following the hard fork and the full resolution of the stake bug exploit, the usual release cadence will resume.