The Inter-Blockchain Era of Crypto is Approaching

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The Inter-Blockchain Era of Crypto is Approaching

As the Blocknet’s inter-blockchain prototype nears release, it launches a think tank to be the first to harness its disruptive potential.

Blockchains might be the most disruptive invention of our time, but unless they become interoperable, their potential cannot be realised. Without interoperability, two things will happen: they will never be mobile-friendly due to inexorable bloat, and the Internet of Things will be permanently balkanised, since no one blockchain could ever accommodate humanity’s digital needs. The Blocknet has a solution, and it is the key to the imminent inter-blockchain era.

Imagine that all the innovations of any cryptocurrency could be served to the wallets of other cryptocurrencies – and also to third party apps and websites. This is exactly what the Blocknet does: it brings blockchain-based tech to the world, exponentially increasing the user base of a coin’s features, and monetising them. Since the Blocknet’s ITO in October last year, founder Dan Metcalf has set about rapidly building an inter-blockchain protocol that enables truly decentralised exchange and communication between nodes on different blockchains. And as it approaches release, the Blocknet as an organisation is beginning to take shape around it.

Growing an internet of blockchains

If the Blocknet were a seedling, it would be preparing to break through the soil and grow its first leaves. The first milestones are being met in consecutive fashion by one team, but the overall vision is as vast as the internet is today, and to reach its goal a host of entrepreneurs and developers need to catch on to its visionary potential and grow this seedling into a tree. It needs a creative community, an ecosystem of entrepreneurs: a “swarm.”


Swarms resolve a key problem in fostering an open, transparent community, which is that they are generally diffuse, lack direction, and that making decisions is seldom easy. But keep the group closed to retain focus, and it loses out on the diverse talents that a community has to offer and can struggle to attract newcomers.

The Blocknet is exploring the Swarmwise approach propagated by Rick Valkvinge. Transparent, open communities in which everyone is empowered to have big ideas and take the initiative are coupled with strong leadership, so that whoever starts a project leads it, independently of the Blocknet’s core team. The result of this is a “swarm,” an organically formed, self-governed adhocracy whose purpose is fuelled and focused by a visionary idea – in this case, the idea of capitalising on the imminent inter-blockchain era.

Think Tank

The idea of an internet of blockchains is a paradigm-shifter – it can take a bit of thought before people realise what they are dealing with and the vast potential it offers – and so it needs creative and critical thinking. As such, the first locus of activity in the Blocknet’s swarm is its brand new Think Tank. Anyone interested in being among the first to explore the potential of the inter-blockchain era can join it.

Want to use SwiftBackup to store files, but from the HZ wallet and without having to make users download and learn new software and bloat their hard drives? This would need inter-blockchain technology.

How about paying for goods in Bitcoin while chatting with total privacy in XC?

Cars and smart devices need to talk to each other without exposing personal data, and they need to be extremely hard to hack into. What better way than to use strong cryptography and blockchains, with no vulnerable servers or legacy web protocols?

Or what about a mobile app that offers decentralised storage and pays for it by screening ads? Two blockchains would interact here (one per function), and perhaps the app itself would run on a third to modularise data-types and keep the app footprint tiny. To avoid having to download all three blockchains to the phone, the Blocknet’s XBridge tech is needed.

The Blocknet enables the vast and open-ended possibilities of an “internet of blockchains.” Be among the first people to harness its potential: join the Think Tank.


Think Tank members can engage with the Blocknet’s Core Team, which is Dan Metcalf, Arlyn Culwick, Paul Busch and Nick Cote. For funding, the Think Tank works in conjunction with the Board and a Dev Incubator (forthcoming), which pools developer talent and connects people to projects. New initiatives are by no means required to work with the Board, however, or even the Blocknet – after all, swarms are organised purely in pursuit of a big idea, and organised directly by that idea. Investors, marketers and communicators, businesspeople, and those with enterprise backgrounds are very welcome to join the Think Tank, participate in shaping projects, or to contact the Blocknet directly.